Saturday, September 24, 2011

Melody's and Eliza's Poems

A day late, but not a dollar short!

by Melody

Sun-bleached, sandy seashores,
With seashells in the sand.

The lazy, quiet rivers,
That run through the land.

The mossy, quiet forests,
With trees all around.

The snow-capped, majestic mountains,
Rising from the ground.

The green, perfect plains,
With the May, spring air.

People, who are loving and kind,
And at night would say their prayer.

by Eliza

The sparkling, white seashores
That glitter in the sunlight.

The broad, rushing rivers
That splash day and night.

The quiet, mossy forests
Of the majestic mountains.

The perfect, golden plains,
With the beautiful smell of jasmine.

The smooth and delightful melody
That hangs in the air.

The people who care for their families
With a loving heart.

They sputtered out a bit at the end because they were working on a deadline, but overall, I think they did a great job!

The next lesson also is poetic. Rebekah and Joel are working on them now. I'm dividing up the two poems for the little girls, so they're working on the first now and will write the second next week.


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