Thursday, September 22, 2011

English Assignments: poetry

School is getting off to a good start!

We began the Tuesday after Labor Day (even though schools here start in early August, I'll never think that's a good idea; fortunately, homeschoolers have the flexibility to do it our own way!)

Rebekah, Melody, Eliza, and Joel are working through IEW's U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons this year. The two olders will work through Volume 1 and Volume 2, while the two little work through Volume 1.

The first lesson was about strong adjectives and used a poem as the model, sort of. I must say I wasn't really impressed with this assignment and the kids thought the model was lame (not their word). It purported to be a poem, but had no instructions about rhythm or rhyme (since the lesson wasn't about that, I understand, but I think choosing a real poem as a model would have been a better idea). I know poetry without rhyme and rhythm is considered acceptable, but I've always had a hard time seeing blank verse as real poetry. However, I thought that, since it's only one assignment and things should improve as we go through the book, I wouldn't make a big deal about it.

The two older kids' assignment was due today. Rebekah had the same idea that I did - simply get through it, but Joel added in rhythm and rhyme. Here are their creations:

by Rebekah
Land of sunny, shell-strewn seashores,
Dark, mossy forests of evergreens,
Majestic, snow-capped mountain ranges;
Broad, rushing, and lazy rivers travelling
Among rolling, golden plains.
America, a land populated by thriving,
Independent men and women whose
Lives are paving the way for generations.

By Joel
Sparkling and sunny seashores,
Sandy and with shells galore.

Forests leafy, mossy, dark,
Mountains majestic and stark.

Rivers rushing, rocky, broad,
Plains great, created by God.

Men who fought for freedom old
Men, courageous, free, and bold.

I'll post the little girls' poems tomorrow. They've been playing with rhyme and rhythm, too! I can't wait to see what they've come up with!

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