Saturday, October 25, 2008

Science: Joel, week 5 (27-31 Oct.)

Monday: read pp. 36-37: 'Optical effects'

Tuesday: complete experiments: 'Using a prism', 'Shimmering heat', and 'Making a rainbow'

Wednesday: read pp. 38-39: 'The water cycle'

Thursday: read pp. 40-41: 'Plants and the weather'

Friday: complete experiments: 'Releasing gases' and 'Catching water'

Science: Littles, week 5, Thursday, 30 Oct.

Ch. 13: Jack and Maggie Are Found Not to Be Quite in Tune

Great Golden Digger Wasp

Science: Littles, week 5, Tuesday, 28 Oct.

Ch. 12: A Remarkable Autobiography

Cicadas, cont.

13-year Cicada, just after molting

Annual Cicadas

Biology, week 5 (Oct. 27-31)

Mon: read lab 10 to prepare for tomorrow.

Tues: lab 10 w/Mrs. Lambros

Wed: read pp. 217-223; quiz 13

Thurs: read pp. 224-top of 230

Fri: read pp. 230-235

English, week 5 (Oct. 27-31)

composition: 6.1 Simile, pp. 47-51, ex. 6.1.1
grammar: read ch. 12: Adjectives

composition: 6.2 Analogy, pp. 52-54, ex. 6.2.1
grammar: ch. 12, ex. I

composition: 6.3 Metaphor, pp. 54-57, ex. 6.3.1, 6.3.2
grammar: ch. 12, ex. II

composition: 6.4 Catachresis, pp. 58-59, ex. 6.4.1
grammar: ch. 12, ex. III

composition: Style Check 6: Demetrius on Metaphor, pp. 59-60, Review Questions
grammar: ch. 12, ex. IV

Monday, October 20, 2008

Biology, week 4 (Oct. 20-24)

Mon: read pp. 187-190

Tues: read pp. 191-199

Wed: read pp. 200-206; quiz 12

Thurs: read pp. 207-212

Fri: read pp. 213-217

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flag Football!

Practice before the game.

He caught a pass!  Run, Joel, run!!!

A moment of contemplation.

His coach, Mr. Tong, shouts encouragement.

Science: Joel, week 4 (20-24 Oct.)

Monday: read pp. 28-29: 'The albedo effect'

Tuesday: complete experiments: 'Insulation' and 'Comparing albedo'

Wednesday: read pp. 32-33: 'Everyday Weather'

Thursday: read pp. 34-35: 'Sunshine'

Friday: complete experiments: 'Focusing heat', 'Aiding evaporation', and 'Making metal grow'

Science: Littles, week 4, Thursday, 23 Oct.

Chapter 11: A Very Classical Insect

17-Year Cicadas

Science: Littles, week 4, Tuesday, 21 Oct.

Ch. 9: A Very Distinguished Musician, and 10: Jack and Maggie Go to a Concert


English, week 4 (Oct. 20-24)

composition: 5.1 Distinctio, pp. 39-41, ex. 5.1.1
grammar: read ch. 10: Exclamatory Sentences

composition: 5.2 Exemplum, pp. 41-42, ex. 5.2.1
grammar: ch. 10, ex. I

composition: 5.3 Amplification, pp. 42-43, ex. 5.3.1
grammar: ch. 10, ex. II

composition: 5.4 Metanoia, pp. 43-45, ex. 5.4.1, 5.4.2
grammar: read ch. 10 summary

composition: Style Check 5: Clear vs. Opaque Writing, pp. 45-46, Review Questions
grammar: read ch. 11: The Parts of Speech

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pride & Prejudice Ball

A waltz

Nathan, Lynne, Drew, and Judith

The gentlemen lined up for the 'Shoe Dance'

Nathan waltzing with Miss Trudy.

The ladies lined up, sans shoes

Science, Littles, week 3, Thursday, 16 October

Chapter 8: All Full of Glory and Grandeur

Plague Locusts

Australian Locusts

Science: Joel, week 3 (13-17 Oct.)

Monday: complete experiments: 'Measuring melting ice' and 'How much latent heat?'

Tuesday: read pp. 24-25: 'Pressure and the weather'

Wednesday: complete experiments: 'Is air heavy?' and 'Measuring air pressure'

Thursday: read pp. 25-27: 'Heat and temperature'

Friday: complete all three experiments: 'Convection: warming fluids', 'Making air expand', and 'Radiation'

Science: Littles, week 3, Tuesday, 14 Oct.

Chapter 7: Jack and Maggie Have Their Lives Saved

Leaf grasshoppers

Biology, week 3 (Oct. 13-17)

Mon: read pp. 153-159; read through lab 9 to prepare for tomorrow

Tues: labs w/Mrs. Lambros: #9 & owl pellet; test 3

Wed: read pp. 160-168; quiz 10

Thurs: read pp. 169-top of 177

Fri: read pp. 177-186; quiz 11

English, week 3 (Oct. 13-17)

composition: 4.1 Metabasis, pp. 29-30; ex. 4.1.1
grammar: ch. 8, ex. III

composition: 4.2 Procatalepsis, pp. 30-32; ex. 4.2.1
grammar: read ch. 9: Imperative Sentences

composition: 4.3 Hypophora pp. 33-35; ex. 4.3.1
grammar: ch. 9, ex. I

composition: Style Check 4: Transitions of Logic, pp. 35-36
grammar: ch. 9, ex. II

composition: Ch. 4 Review, pg. 37
grammar: ch. 9, ex. III

Monday, October 6, 2008

History: Middles, week 2

Revolutions of 1830 and Australia

Mon: look over questions, read and research

Tues: continue research

Wed: write answers to questions/ Ben: write 2 paragraphs on each topic (due Friday)

Thurs: continue reading and writing; timelines

Fri: map work, written answers due, compositions due

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Report: Rebekah

Week 1 of 6, ending 10/3/08

Morning Time: reading Philippians, A Gospel Primer, Northanger Abbey; memorizing Psalm 23 and William Blake's 'The Lamb'

Math: worked diligently, made good progress

English: not so good this week: she didn't do any of her verb/verb phrase worksheets and she only did part of her spelling each day - she'll make up her missed work this week, along with continuing on in both spelling and grammar.

History: not so much done this week; more make-up work next week

Science: reading all week

Rebekah didn't have such a good week. We increased her thyroid meds on Friday and I think she'll be more energetic and not so foggy next week.

Weekly Report: Joel

Week 1 of 6, ending 10/3/08

Morning Time: We began reading Philippians; continued the Gospel Primer and Northanger Abbey.  We also worked on memorizing William Blake's 'Little Lamb' and the 23rd Psalm.  

English: Joel has worked diligently this week in both Mother Tongue and Simply Spelling.  He's reading Stevenson's The Black Arrow for his boys' book club.

Math: He loves math and I don't really have to push him much at all.  He's working faster than I expect him to.

History: Joel was a bit frustrated at my lack of specific direction this week.  I'll be more detailed in his assignments for next week.  He read about Simon Bolivar and Latin American independence.

Science: He's excited about learning about weather and eager to begin the experiments and activities.  We need to take him shopping to see that he has everything he needs.

Flag Football: his team lost this week and he caught his first touchdown pass, but it didn't count on a technicality.  Oh, well!  He's pretty optimistic when they lose, as long as they did their best.  He's learning a lot about the game and sportsmanship, and enjoying that time with the other boys and their dads (as is Drew).  I hope to get pictures next Saturday.  The running around is good for him, too.  I can tell when he hasn't had enough exercise during the week - he gets the grumps and doesn't know what to do with himself.

Weekly Report: Melody

Week 1 of 6, ending 10/3/08

Morning Time: We're reading Philippians, The Gospel Primer, and Northanger Abbey.  We worked on memorizing the 23rd Psalm and William Blake's 'Little Lamb'.

History: we read about Handel and classical music this week.  The girls spent quite a bit of time listening to the works of Handel, Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven.

Science: we only read half as much as I wanted, but we can easily catch up.  Melody is also reading one of the Christian Liberty Nature Readers on her own.  And, we saw a Blue Morpho butterfly in Madagascar last night.  How cool!

Math: Melody tends to drag her feet in math, but she's making progress.  I'm trying to watch to make sure she doesn't get behind like her older siblings did.

English:  She's reading Ginger Pye and is eager to start the other books that arrived from Amazon this week, but I won't let her until she finishes GP.  She's doing well in Mother Tongue.  She especially likes the picture study assignments, where she gets to spend some time contemplating a painting and then write about it.  She started Simply Spelling this week.  I think this will be a good fit for her.

Weekly Report: Elizabeth

Week 1 of 6, ending 10/3/08

Morning Time: we started reading Philippians this week since our pastor will be preaching through it now that we've completed Acts. We're also working on memorizing the 23rd Psalm, which Eliza is getting down pretty quickly. We read aloud from and discussed The Gospel Primer and are working on memorizing (or at least familiarizing ourselves with) William Blake's 'Little Lamb,' which was also her copywork for the week - she's learned the second stanza by heart and can recite the first along with me. She's been listening to Northanger Abbey and has been able to follow the story. At first, she thought it was too hard for her, but after awhile she asked if her making pictures of the story in her head was understanding it. I assured her it was and she's been content to listen ever since.

History: We read about the history of music this week. Then she and Melody spent quite a bit of time listening to Handel, Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Science: We only read one section of science this week, but that's easy enough to catch up on. Bonus - while watching Madagascar last night, we saw a Blue Morpho Butterfly flitter across the screen (which Alex tried to eat, but didn't succeed, to our great relief!). The girls were delighted to recognize it.

Math: She did great in math this week and is understanding her lessons.

English: Eliza is working diligently on her phonics and making great progress. Even if we miss a day of work, she continues to improve in her reading daily. She's been reading the word problems in her math book with just a little help from me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Science: Joel, week 2 (Oct. 6-10)

Monday: read pp. 18-19: 'The atmosphere'

Tuesday: complete experiments: 'Atmosphere ingredients' and 'Air expansion'

Wednesday: read pp. 20-21: 'Light and weather'

Thursday: choose two experiments to complete

Friday: read pp. 22-23: 'Water and the weather'

Biology, week 2 (Oct. 6-10)

Mon: read pp. 130-134

Tues: read pp. 135-138; quiz 8

Wed: read pp. 139-143

Thurs: read pp. 144-146

Fri: read pp. 147-152; quiz 9

Science: Littles, week 2 (Oct. 6-10)

Tues: Ch. 5, Caterpillars Extraordinary

Snake Imitating Caterpillar


Caterpillars imitating bird droppings and leaves

Thursday: Ch. 6, Very Surprising Adventures





English, week 2 (Oct. 6-10)

composition: 3.1 Irony, pp. 21-22; ex. 3.1.1
grammar: ch. 6, ex. II

composition: 3.2 Understatement, pp. 22-24; ex. 3.2.1
grammar: read ch. 7: Kinds of Sentences

composition: 3.3 Litotes, pp. 24-25; ex. 3.3.1
grammar: read ch. 8: Interrogative Sentences

composition: 3.4 Hyperbole, pp. 26-27; ex. 3.4.1; Style Check 3: Emphatic Positioning
grammar: ch. 8, ex. I

composition: Chapter 3 Review, pp. 27-28
grammar: ch. 8, ex. II

Friday, October 3, 2008

This Week's Photos

Benjamin submitting a Latin assignment.

Melody and Elizabeth began cathedral window quilts. They start on the machine and then it's all handwork. They're excited - they've been asking for quite awhile to learn more about sewing.

Joel working on history research.  He read about Simon Boliv├ár and Latin American independence.

Judith working on composition.

'Smile for the camera, Joel!'

Nathan, listening to a Gileskirk lecture.  Look at him taking notes!  It does a mom's heart good.

Breakfast on Monday morning.  The little girls cut up the peppers and grated the cheese.  Yum!